Vision For HopePanama is a project designed to provide careers in jewelry making for the blind,visually impaired and disabled people of Panama and now has been asked to duplicate this program in Ireland. Teaching jewelry tasks to sightless men and women is a challenge Vernon Wilson and Ted Hinter decided could be done.  Vernon is a internationally acclaimed jewelry designer and Ted had developed the number one used computer program in the world that allows the blind to be able to use the computer. Ted is blind himself. Vernon has developed some equipment that helps a sightless person be able to "feel" holes in beads or pearls to be able to string them into beautiful necklaces and bracelets. The visually impaired and disabled people are able cut the shapes of gemstones while the blind can do the finishing and polishing of the local gemstones into cabochons to be set into jewelry that is specially designed to allow them to do the setting of the stones also.   For many of us, having a career and being a productive member of society is what fills our lives.  Vision For Hope Panama provides the means to help so many enjoy being productive and earning a living that otherwise might not be able to enjoy the feeling of being a productive person in this society. 
Vision of Hope Panama will be working with people from 12-99 years old. This project is being supported thru sales of jewelry at local shops and private home parties and with the help of the Episcopal Diocese of Panama and the Panama Elks Lodge,as well as many volunteers. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this project as a student or volunteer teacher please contact Vernon Wilson  at :  Panamabayjewelers@gmail.com 

We need funds to pay for transportation and lodging for two people to expand this mission to Ireland where they heard about our project and contacted us to see if we would help them set this program up there. 
We are open to training others how to set up this program in other parts of the world.
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 Helen Keller School for the Blind in Panama




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